Texas Safelink Application

The Texas Safelink application has been simplified and is very user friendly. Using the instructions below you can start start your Texas Safelink application online.

Set one: Get to Safe Links main website at safelink.com and type in your zip code as show below.


Step Two: Enter the your name, your birth date, and the last four of your social. This is basic information that will be used to tracking your account and mange your safelink application. Fill in the anti spam code and click submit to move foward. ***If you feel more comfortable submitting your Texas Safelink application via mail or fax use this link to download a printable Texas safelink application.

basic info

Step Three: Type in and verify your address. This page also gives you the opportunity to use a referral code and mention if anyone referred you to the program.person

Step Four: Choose how you would be to determine eligibility. You have three options and you may qulaity with more than one but please choose the option that best suites your situation.


If you decide to apply by useing your income you will be asked to provide proof of income and meet certain criteraia. If you are currently using other government assistance programs you may be eligible for SafeLink and should choose “I’m eligible in a Program” option.

Once you have completed your Texas Safelink Application you will need be given an enrollment id and may have to wait 4-6 six weeks for your request to be reviewed.

You can check your Safelink Application Status Here



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